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We asked Dan...

What is your DJ name?

Dan Roach

What do you do at Sound Radio?

Play songs and drink tea

Do you consider yourself a lemon or a lime? Why?

Lime. Because I’m me and ‘me’ is in lime the right way round. I’ve put too much thought into this haven’t I?!

What is your superpower?

Staying in the correct lane all the way around Tarbock Island.

Who is your favourite artist?


What is your favourite Album?

Can I only choose 1?! Ok ok, Parachutes. Belter album and Yellow (one of the tracks on it) is my favourite song of all time.

What are you listening to currently?

Kris Kelly telling me I need to fill this form out

What three things would you do if you were invisible?

Make my daughter invisible and we’d bunk into Anfield for Taylor Swift’s concert, saving me an absolute fortune and making her dream come true!

I’ve written the other 2 in my invisible ink.

What is the best prank you’ve experienced or planned?

You know when you get those phone calls trying to sell you something… “Mr Roach? Yeah I’ll just get him for you.” I then put on the silliest voice I can think of telling the life insurance seller I’m already dead, the mobile phone seller I’m not letting go of my Nokia no matter how hard you try…

Tell us a weird fact you happen to know for no reason.

My food bill has doubled since Brexit

If you could take one prop from any movie set, what would it be?

Can I have the aeroplane out of airplane? One of my favourite films (along with Naked Gun - Leslie Nielsen was a comedy genius) and I like planes.

Tell us your favourite joke.

Knock knock
Who’s there

Yeah my daughter’s heard this at least 20 times now. I’ll grow up one day.

If your pet could talk, what would they say?

Feed me. Oh and your jokes are $h!t

What is your favourite food?

Chicken curry. The spicier the better!

What is your favourite drink?

Tea. Love a cuppa!

When you are not spinning tunes, what else do you get up to?

Watching the reds - I’m a big Liverpool fan. Walking my dog Barney - he’s my best mate. Watching a decent series on the telly - currently on Bosch which is err bosch!

You can catch Dan:
Mon-Fri 4-7pm on Home Time
Sat 1-4pm playing more music for your weekend

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