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Kris Kelly

We asked Kris...

What is your DJ name?

Kris Kelly or OSP.

What do you do at Sound Radio?

I present 2 shows, Friday Night Sound and Sound Throwbacks.
I look after Liverpool's Dance Weekend.
I'm also the Imaging and Marketing Manager for Sound Radio.

Do you consider yourself a lemon or a lime? Why?

My wife calls me a lemon all the time or is it melon? I'm not sure, either way, I'm not actually sure why ha ha. Maybe it's because I'm a dope?

What is your superpower?

Fixing things, I'm often told that something isn't broke till I say it is!

Who is your favourite artist?

So many to choose from but I would have to say Mariah Carey.

What is your favourite Album?

Michael Jackson - Bad

What are you listening to currently?

Paolo Nutini

What is the best prank you’ve experienced or planned?

I once fooled the wife into thinking she won the lottery, I forced code on to her laptop so when she checked her numbers on the official lottery website, the site displayed her numbers and not the winning numbers. It took a while for her to get over that one that's for sure!

Tell us a weird fact you happen to know for no reason.

True fact: The same bacteria is responsible for both smelly cheese and smelly feet, don't ask how I know this and NO.... I don't have smelly feet!

If you could take one prop from any movie set, what would it be?

The Delorean from Back to the Future, not the fastest of cars but can certainly take me from A to B once it reaches 88mph.

Tell us your favourite joke.

Rishi Sunak

If your pet could talk, what would they say?

Your farts smell worse than mine!.... Again true fact!

What is your favourite food?

Anything Pasta or Chinese.

What is your favourite drink?

I like beers from around the world but recently I've been drinking Guinness. I'm also the cause for most hosepipe bans the amount of water I drink!

When you are not spinning tunes, what else do you get up to?

Chilling with the family & watching Everton.

You can catch Kris:
Fri 11-1am on Friday Night Sound
Sun 7-10pm on Sound Throwbacks

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