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Daz Antrobus

We asked Daz...

What is your DJ name?

Daz Antrobus

What do you do at Sound Radio?

Weekend morning shows from 10am

Do you consider yourself a lemon or a lime? Why?


Because my dry sarcastic humour is an acquired taste

What is your superpower?

I’m captain tidy

I tidy up with my family all the time

Who is your favourite artist?

This is really difficult but don’t laugh it’s a guy called Phil Collins

(Ask you elders who he is )

What is your favourite Album?


What an album that is

What are you listening to currently?

Freddie Mercury / Queen while spending a lot of time sorting my back garden out.

What three things would you do if you were invisible?


I couldn’t possibly say

What is the best prank you’ve experienced or planned?

I made a mess of a radio studio office once and made my boss think we had a break in

Tell us a weird fact you happen to know for no reason.

If daddy long legs could bite they could kill you with the venom with in minuets

But they don’t have teeth so don’t worry

If you could take one prop from any movie set, what would it be?

Smokey and the bandit car

Tell us your favourite joke.

I used to be a cool club dj

( stop laughing )

If your pet could talk, what would they say?

She would say your an idiot Daz I’m not coming in because I know your going out and leaving me alone again

What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite drink?


When you are not spinning tunes, what else do you get up to?

Sleeping then eating then drinking grown up drinks in that order

You can catch Daz:
Sat 10-1pm waking you up at the weekend with more music!
Sun 10-1pm waking you up at the weekend with more music!

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